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We present you all range of EuroChem Laboratories products that are produced now. On our site you can view all the info about each product and purchase them.

- All EuroChem Laboratories products are human grade and made according to a highest world standards.
- All products are tested regular for keeping the quality on a highest level and controlling a manufacturing process.
- All injectable products come in multi-use vials and make their usage and storage simple.

- We get our products directly from EuroChem Laboratories.
- We guarantee quality of the products we offer.
- We guarantee the best service you can find.
- We guarantee best prices you can find.

You can check about us on official manufacturer site www.eurochemlabs.com just using there a supplier check bar.
Just enter there www.steroids-w.com or click here!!!



Attention! New labels and holograms!


New labels on EuroChem injections

New holograms on EuroChem injections

Attention: 10 cc vials now have new label design with diagonal the convex strips on it.

Labels with convex strips and holograms for EC-Factor, EC-Tropin and HGC will be introduced gradually. For some time vials with and without strips/holograms will circulate simultanceously.

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